How would you explain our organization’s mission?

  Translation: Can you be an ambassador for our organization? Any candidate can read and regurgitate the company’s “About” page. So, when an interviewer asks you this, she isn’t necessarily trying to gauge whether you understand the mission—she wants to know whether you care about it, and she’s looking for who in the applicant pool … More How would you explain our organization’s mission?

iphone update

Apple iPhone 5se will be launched in March, says a report. The iPhone 5se will be an upgraded iPhone 5s. Update: A report on Apple blog One More Thing has put out a picture of the supposed 4-inch screen device next to an older iPhone 5. The post says the phone could be called iPhone 6c, … More iphone update

gaming update

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 4 players online or locally in Multiplayer mode. Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills in offline Training and Survival modes. You too can enjoy the thrills of spewing hot lead and making swiss cheese of your opponents! Hear the whiz of … More gaming update


Are you incompetent and Lazy? Interviewer only wants to hire people who are competent, but that does not mean you should say yes to what you are not. So “clever and active”, would be the right answer to avoid this question.


What shall we have for dinner this evening? Don’t give an answer like “whatever you like”, “I don’t mind” ,“what would you like”, etc. This will hide your quality of leadership or taking stand, when your opinion is asked.  This will show your willingness to take charge and when not.


 Do you have an IQ more than 130? This question is put to check “Intellectual Humility” and “Yes” could be the worst answer to this. Remembering your IQ score sends a wrong message of your insecurity and self-aggrandizement.

what is business?

A business, also known as an enterprise, agency or a firm, is an entity involved in the provision of goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses are prevalent in capitalist economies, where most of them are privately owned and provide goods and services to customers in exchange for other goods, services, or money.??